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Here’s the thing…

With your permission I’m going to show you exactly how I created a sustainable and profitable online business

… a business that allowed me to generate a minimum of $5,000 every month!

Is that OK?

If you like me want to create a better more prosperous future for yourself and your family

I urge you to read every single word
on this page!


… because it could be the most important letter you read this year?

Heck NO!

You see if you take action and follow the simple steps I’ve laid out for you to follow…

This will be THE most important letter you have ever read…

Lets Be Clear

You’re NOT going to make millions overnight!

I don’t care what anyone tells you… they’re out and out liars!

… and if you buy into their promises then you’re gonna be chasing your dreams forever.

However… and this is the good news…

You can make money online quickly and easily… when you know how!

And this is exactly what I’m going to show YOU…

When you follow my proven blueprint to Internet Marketing Success I’ll show YOU…

How I made my first $5,000 a month online in just 4 months


A proven copy & paste blueprint… a system so simple, so easy to follow even a child could do it!



Simple honest truth…

and 100% verifiable proof to back up everything you see!

$200 in 2 hours with an investement of only $20

PayPal Screen Grab

I Promise

…tease you with promises of wealth and success beyond your wildest dreams…

There’s enough so called Guru’s doing that already… right?

These are the exact same steps I took and I guarantee will result in you making your first $1 online… quickly followed by a few more simple steps which could help you on your way to making $5,000 every month…

You deserve the truth…

No More Lies

Let me explain who I am and how I discovered these closely guarded secrets…

My name is Mark Lyford and yes you guessed it… it’s my picture at the top of the page…

I want to be totally honest with you here… and ask you a question

Have you ever felt like you’re not doing quite as well as you could be…

You’re not achieving everything you want…

Like there’s still more you can do… whether it’s making more money, spending more time with family…

Taking more vacations or whatever it is you want more of

Well I feel exactly the same!

Right now I’m doing OK but I’m by no means making the cash or living the life I know I should be…

(Shocking eh, look I’m way off being a guru but I’ve got a proven system to help me get to that level)

Sound familiar?

I’m sure you have some amazing dreams and goals… which is why you’re looking for something to help you get there, right…

I have some pretty massive goals and dreams I’m sure you do to… let me tell you those dreams are worth holding on tight to…

You see…

10 Years ago I was making $2,000,000 every year online, life was good

Damn good I can tell you…

Mark Living In The Bahamas

“Quality Time With My Son…
I LOVE My Internet Business”

$166,000 a month, a staff of 20, a home in the Bahamas sure things were great…

Mark Living In The Bahamas

“The Beach Just A Short Walk From My Bahamas Home”



My world came crashing down around me!

Now, the stories long and I don’t want to talk about me, you see this is about you and making you the income you want online (if you want to know more Google me)

The short version though…

Owed Title

Suddenly my life sucked!

Seriously, I’d gone from living a life of luxury spending quality with my family whenever I wanted…

To nothing!

I was broke, alone and in debt to friends and family!

Things were pretty grim… if you’ve felt like this you’ll know what I mean!


The way I figured it… when you hit rock bottom there are only 2 choices you need to consider:

Do You Wollow

Taking massive action wins every time for me… you simply can’t blame other people for what’s missing in your life!

By the way if you still want to blame other people…

Reading Right Now… This Isn’t For You!

Sorry… it simply won’t work

Only when you take responsibility for your own actions will you achieve the success you desire!

My situation was my fault…

every decision I’ve ever taken was my own so taking control again

I Spent 2 Years

Now here’s the good part…

You’re not going to have to spend 2 years of your life working out through trial and error how to do this stuff unless you really have nothing better to do

… and really want to spend hours in front of your computer not to mention thousands of dollars in courses and mentoring!

Let me explain how in just a minute…

First though… I know $5,000 a month is life changing for most people and I bet it would make a difference to you right now!

Even if you’re making good money, an extra $5K would be nice eh!

However, like I said I have some massive dreams…

And you should too!

I’m hell bent on creating that millionaire lifestyle I once led… again

However this time I want to take you with me

Yes, that’s right… you see the plan I hatched and the system I’ve carefully created

Is capable of taking you and me to where we want to be (whatever your dreams are)

I’m going to share everything with YOU…

You Get Title

Copy Title


I’ll show you how I make $5,000 a month +

Well the potential is unlimited!

It’s entirely up to you…

How much do you want to make…

If you’re not sure… think about what sort of lifestyle would make you happy, how much do you need to make to live that lifestyle

You see once you know that it becomes easy

However, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy…

You’ve really got to be prepared to do some work(shock, horror!)

I’ll bet you this though…

It’s nowhere near as hard to do the things I’ll show you as it is to get up every morning and drag yourself to a job you hate…

In all weathers simply because without the paycheck at the end of the month you simply can’t pay the bills

Isn’t it time you put yourself first…

 “Don’t You Owe It To Yourself To Take Control Of Your Life & Be The Boss For Once?

Take action now and enjoy a lifestyle, which gives you choices…

checkA lifestyle where you ‘work’ whenever you feel like it completely on your own terms…

checkA lifestyle where you can take ‘exotic’ holidays whenever you like…

checkA lifestyle which, affords you and your family the ‘luxuries’ you want without the sacrifice…

Wouldn ’t a life like that be cool huh?

Do what you want when you want…

No more worrying about bills, no more working in a job you hate!

It’s all possible

So let me get straight to the point…

Your search for something to take you by the hand and lead you step by simple step to financial independence… is over!

When you follow the simple steps within this blueprint you’ll be blown away at how fast you begin to see results…

Generating $5,000 a month was achieved in only 4 months.

Honestly you can do it.

First though…

… you need to STOP chasing every shiny object to drop to appear in your inbox!


Dont Waste

If you’ve ever felt lost, confused and just damn frustrated with this whole Internet thing…

Sick and tired of asking yourself questions like…

What do I do now?

How do I do this?

Why doesn’t this work for me?

Which make money system should I use?


My blueprint will literally blow all ALL Your Questions, ALL Your Doubts right out the window!

All the myths, all the crap and all the BS cut out

Nothing but straight to the point techniques and strategies proven to work

Bad News… for the Internet Marketing World

Great news for anyone wanting a proven system for getting started online quickly and easily


5K Blueprint

tickGenerate A Substantial Job Crushing Income!

tickBuild An Automated Business That Churns Out Big Fat Payments

tickNo Fluff… No Bulls***

tickFinally Become A Successful & Profitable Online Business Owner

tickStep-by-Step Guide Packed Full Of Proven

tickMoney Making Strategies ANYONE Can Use!

tickExclusive Never-Before-Seen Content

tickZERO To $5,000 A Month In 120 Days!


this is all

Seriously everything you see here is 100% verifiable and guaranteed!

And for the first time ever, I’m unleashing it on the public!

0 to 5

I will help guide you quickly and easily through the minefield of unexploded bombs just waiting to stop you dead in your tracks!


One product, one solution

… to ALL the stumbling blocks you have or will come across as you start your journey to making thousands online…

the most

The Internet had changed so much I had to start from scratch again…

Everything I’d done before was obsolete, old hat and to be honest absolutely useless in today’s online world

So you can be sure what you get when you get your copy of my 5K Blueprint it’ll be 100% up to the minute stuff

A simple and logical blueprint…

Cutting out all the costly mistakes and all the sleepless nights, I experienced!

You’ll overcoming every one of the hurdles new and even some experienced online entrepreneurs face…

You’ll be guided almost effortlessly to success.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover…

5K Blueprint

The Millionaire Mindset – This is the key to creating wealth online, get this right and you’ll never look back… this truly is amazing and will set
you free forever!

tickHow To Pick The Right Niche – Exactly what to look for, how to choose a highly profitable niche to literally stuff your pockets full of cash…this step alone will save you hours of research and failures

tickHow To Monetize Your Niche – The quickest and easiest ways to turn your niche in to a cash churning ATM… only do the things which work and are proven to make money!

tickTraffic Generation – How the experts drive floods of targeted and hungry traffic direct to their websites, Traffic Guaranteed to ensure you make money quickly and easily…don’t waste time and money on strategies that simply don’t work

tickProduct Creation – Simple step-by-step methods for quickly and easily creating your own products and how to profit from them for years to come… Discover the shortcuts for creating products guaranteed to make you money

tickMembership Sites – The secret to creating in demand membership sites generating constant cash flow for your internet lifestyle… This alone will save you thousands and put your online income on Steroids!

tickHow To Put Your Business On Autopilot so you can take long (and frequent) vacations with your family and still rake in huge paydays.

tickHow To Profit Online Regardless Of Competition In Your Niche this will guarantee you massive pay cheques every month as you leave other site owners picking up your loose change!

tickHow To Stay Focused On Your Million Pound Business Goal even if you’venever succeeded in any program and haven’t followed through on anything in your life.

tickUnderstanding The Leverage Points In Your Business and how to maximizethe time spent on them… sending your business to the nextlevel fast (watch out though… this one could make your head spin)

tickHow To Reap Insane Profits From Your Business Without Spending Huge Amounts Of Money discover the secrets which allow for massive Income growth and higher percentage profits!

tickAutomatic Profit Strategies that can skyrocket your monthly earningson ClickBank, JVZoo, AdSense or any other online platform you can think of… this really will rock your world!


“This Blueprint… Shows YOU Exactly How To Make Money Using The Hottest Products Online TODAY!

5K Blueprint


Get Instant Access NOW!

But Wait


Brad Gosse

Access To All My Private Webinars With Brad Gosse: These Webinars Cover Everything We Discussed On My Journey To
My Very First $5K Month!



How You Can Copy My System – That Made My First $200 In Just 8 Hours!


Discover The Underground Methods Guru’s Use To Pinpoint The Hottest Most Profitable Niches… Getting You The Biggest Payout Every Time

The Simple Real Life Strategies To Creating A Substantial Recurring Online Income

The Instant Access To Insider Methods My Mentors Shared With Me… The Fast Track To Earning $$$’s Online … Saving You Time & Money!

How Anyone Can Copy & Paste My $5K Report… To Get The Same If Not Better Results

Brad Gosse

Brad Normally Charges Over $1000 To Consult With Him Privately… You Get Complete Access To This Amazing Content For FREE!

These Webinars WILL NOT be released to the public, the only way you can get access to these insider secrets is by taking action TODAY!



Access to my own mentors!

You see I’ve had some pretty amazing mentors for the last 8 months, helping me, guiding me and giving me proven strategies…

Underground strategies usually reserved only for their own inner circle of 6 and 7 figure marketers (boy do I feel humbled and privileged)

It’s this insider information I’m sharing with you

So, not only do you get the 5K Blueprint you’ll also get exclusive access to the guru’s products…

The same products I used to create my own $5,000 a month income and how I used them in my own online business

The Blueprint will show you exactly how each of these products was used in my business to create my first $5,000 month…

and how you can simply copy and paste to make your own results!


When you invest in the 5K Blueprint I’ll GIVE YOU all the products, which have allowed me to create a substantial online income

… and best of all they’re


100 per
Believe Me This Is The Best Deal
You’ll See This Year…

These guys really have been my inspiration, sharing their secrets and setting me on the path to financial freedom…

I owe them BIG time!

More than this though I know deep down l have to share this with you

… and after some arm-twisting they’ve agreed to let me share with you everything they revealed to me…

In this proven blueprint to creating massive income online!

It’s my pleasure to share my mentors with you…


Chris Freville


Chris Freville


I first met Chris in February at an event…

I immediately got on with Chris. He is such a nice guy plus what Chris doesn’t know about affiliate marketing isn’t worth knowing!

Consistently in the top 10 of some of the biggest affiliate promotions you’ll struggle to find a guy that is more giving than Chris, he’s helped me a great deal even with this product.

He’s another guy making a lot of money every year without shouting about it.

One of Chris’s biggest strengths is Niche marketing from which he’s made millions of dollars over the last few years!

So I’m pleased to say I’ve managed to get him to give you exclusive FREE access to his Dominating Niches product.

This product is amazing giving you a blueprint for everything you need to do to make money in niche markets… I still use this daily

I still can’t believe I managed to persuade him to give it to my customers…

“Thanks Chris”

This rock solid system let’s you do it in 3 swift moves:

tickLocate the most profitable niches full of hungry buyers just begging for someone to supply their demands…

tickInfiltrate the niche with a proven, paint-by-
numbers marketing plan that quickly puts you
in the Captain’s chair…

tickDominate the niche by creating intense
customer loyalty and delivering the productsbuyers want most…

Repeat It Over And Over Again… In Any Niches You Choose… Producing Unlimited Streams of AutopilotIncome!

Dominating Niches

free bonus



JP Schoeffel


JP Schoeffel…


I first met JP in May this year and he is another true gent within the industry. He has amassed a vast marketing empire but doesn’t shout about it! He has helped me so much and gone out of his way to give me valuable advise.
He has just allowed me to give his great PPV Riches product to you as part of this blueprint! This ebook itself is worth $97! and the information within it is priceless!

PPV Riches

Phil Henderson Bonus



Simon Coulson


Simon Coulson


I’m sure many of you know Simon Coulson already… this guy transformed himself from a British Telecom employee to a multi-millionaire Internet Marketer…

Generating over $7,000,000 online in the last 4 years!

I met Simon in February this year and one of my first questions to him was “If you were in $400,000 of debt what would you do online to get out of it as quickly as you could?”

Simon immediately offered me a response… 5K Blueprint has been born out of his answer… a blueprint of everything I’d done to start making money online and get all the people who’ve helped me along the way and ask them to contribute their very best products.

I owe Simon a great deal as he helped me in the early stages and continues to help me now!

Simon is sharing with you a full range of his own exclusive success blueprints… including a 90 minute of how he started his Internet business and generated over $7,000,000 in sales and how you can do the same!

Not to mention his Web basics course showing you all the basics you need to get started and finally “How To Automate Your Internet Business” this will show you how to build a truly scalable business…

Simon shares everything… systems, resources the works!

“Thanks Simon”

Simon Live At The Londons 02 Arena

Simon Coulson

Simon Coulson

How I Started My Internet Business and generated over £6million pounds in sales and how you can follow in my footsteps…

How to register a domain name, how to create a hosting account and how to build your first website from scratch including how to make changes to your website easily and quickly.

Discover how automate your internet business so it runs on autopilot so that you can literally have money flowing into your bank account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


tickDiscover the secrets that I have used to automate my business and generate over £7 million in online sales.

tickLearn how to add payment buttons to your website, integrate a payment processor such as Paypal or a World Pay account so that money can be taken immediately and find out how to deliver your products automatically without you having to anything at all.

tickUncover how to rapidly grow your online business and how to repeatedly sell to your customers with the click of just one button.

tickDiscover how to get other people selling your products to generate even more money…

tickThe most effective way to start building a list, which you can then repeatedly up sell to.

These Are Unreleased Items With A

simon bonus free



Phil Henderson


Phil Henderson’s Stupidly Simple SEO


If you don’t know Phil you should!

Phil is a SEO genius… getting pages ranked on Google within 38 seconds!.

I’ve personal used and still do use his Stupidly Simple SEO course to get to page 1 on Google and as a result masses of traffic to my sites FAST!

Phil is right at the top of my list of go to guys… for one reason and one reason only… his course works!

Giving as always he’s agreed to give you his “Stupidly Simple SEO blueprint”.

The strategies revealed here will get you putting pages onto the top pages of Google within minutes!

This is an exclusive product available to 5K Blueprint members only!

“Thanks so much Phil”

Stupidly Simple SEO

Phil Henderson Bonus



Ciaran Doyle


Ciaran Doyle


Ciaran and I first met in May this year… he’s an expert with Google Adwords and pay per click traffic.

Ciaran makes serious money very fast using his underground traffic methods and I’m pleased to say he and I are working together over the coming months on some really exciting projects.

Normally charging thousands of dollars to get the information you need to make money online using his techniques I persuaded him to allow me to give you one of his very valuable products for FREE!

“Adwords Cash Blueprint”.

This system shows you how anyone can make money online in next to no time and with little or no experience!

Believe me these techniques work… I use them myself everyday!

I’m really thankful to Ciaran for allowing me to share this information…

“Thanks Ciaran for being such a help”

Ciaron Bonus



Matt Garrett


Matt Garrett…


Matt is a blogging professional and full-time Internet marketer… he’s also co-owner of the massively popular Twittollower!

A master list builder using ad swaps he runs his own ad swap Forum.

I’ve been using Matt’s ad swap strategies to build my list month after month with amazing success and as another exclusive I’ve managed to get Matt to give me his ad swap list building course just for YOU

This course will teach you how to start building a huge list fast using the power of ad swaps… for newbies and seasoned professionals alike ad swaps are a great way to build you’re list fast.

These great techniques will enable you to start earning from your list almost immediately.

Despite keeping himself to himself the strategies he teaches are so powerful I just had to persuade him let me share them with you!

“Thanks very much Matt allowing me to do this”

“AdswapListbuilding Secrets”

IM ad Swap

Ciaron Bonus

5K Blueprint

“For just $4.95 you get instant access to our eBook + Bonus Stuff. If you like what we offer, we will bill you a monthly fee of $37 after 5 days for our 5K Academy Membership Training. If it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time!”

buy button5k Membership

$985 Worth Of Proven
Money Making Systems… FOR FREE!

The strategies revealed in every one of these products has been hard wired in to my own business, providing me with the knowledge to…

tickCreate Killer Content

tickBuild A Huge And Responsive List

tickDrive Floods Of Traffic To Any Website

tick… and Finally Convert Them Into Cash Paying Customers!

This is exactly what you’ll learn… nothing less!

Instantly get on the fast track to success, a step-by-step action plan…

A direct route to how I made my first $5,000 a month… I’ll show you the step by step guide.

Following my proven system, designed exclusively for EASY LEARNING!

  • No More Feeling Left In The Dark
  • No More Feeling Overwhelmed
  • No More Confusion
  • No More Doubts About Whether You Can Do It
  • No More Wasted MONEY!

I promise you this…

When you follow each step, listen and take instant action YOU WILL before you know it…

Be experiencing the sheer pleasure of seeing results flowing into your account as if by magic

Cash you’ve earned almost effortlessly…

Simply pointing and clicking in exactly the right places!

I know, I’ve made some bold claims here… so here’s the deal…

When you invest in the 5K Blueprint I’ll back everything up with my Escape Proof 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Even Houdini Couldn’t Get Out Of This…
Escape Proof 100% Money Back Guarantee!


I want to make this a complete no brainer for you…

You’ll have absolutely NO RISK whatsoever Nothing to lose at all…

Here’s The Real Deal…

If when you’ve reviewed the information you see here, the information contained within Millionaire Profits Secrets you don’t for whatever reason believe I’ve delivered on all you see here…

You don’t think even with:

tickAn Exact and Proven Blueprint To Copy Of How I started To Make $5,000 a Month

tick$985 Worth Of FREE Top Selling Products Proven To Make Thousands

tickA Step-by-Step Guide To Internet Success – Everything You Need To Finally Make Money Online


If perhaps you think it’s too difficult… even though everything is simply a matter of copy, point and click!

Or even if you simply don’t like the way it’s written, the color of the website…

If you’re not happy… I don’t want your money!

If you think for one minute this can’t or won’t make you money… you think you might want a refund please don’t order…

I would much rather you leave this page now and let me work with the people who are 100% committed to transforming their lives and discovering the freedom the Internet can bring.

However if you do order and for any reason you feel I haven’t delivered:

Absolutely ANYTHING!

Simply contact me within 60 days of your order and I’ll be happy to provide you with a full and complete refund… 100% of your investment No questions asked!

  • No waiting
  • No need to prove you’ve tried everything or even anything
  • No excuses


Quite Simply… All Your Money Back

Fair enough!


“For just $4.95 you get instant access to our eBook + Bonus Stuff. If you like what we offer, we will bill you a monthly fee of $37 after 5 days for our 5K Academy Membership Training. If it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time!”

buy button5k Membership

Let’s recap for just a moment…

You’ll get access to SIX Top Selling products each proven to generate automated cash online…

These are the EXACT products I used to create my first $5K a month income

Plus you’ll also get…

The all important 5K blueprint… not to mention the blueprint webinars!

The shortcut to using each of the products above to create an online income fast…

Cutting through the fluff and filler I’ll direct you straight to the money in each of these products…

Linking them together to create a Proven, Cash Generating ATM capable of exploding your income

An ATM you can easily upgrade… to take your income to the next level!

thats all great mark

Well before I tell you

I guarantee it’s not going to be nearly as much as you think…

If you act RIGHT NOW

However, first there’s something I want you to understand…

The 5K Blueprint is not a get rich quick scheme

Like I said before they don’t exist anyone who tells you otherwise is lying…

The only way to get rich quick is to win the lottery…

and if that’s what you want go ahead and buy a ticket…

But I guarantee this…

You’ll make more money quicker following the steps I show you here!

Not only will you make more money you’ll no longer have job worries…

No longer spend time wishing you could afford a better life… and probably the most important thing…

No longer wish you had more free time…

You’ll have more free time than ever before… some would say it’s almost like early retirement!

This is fast, easy to start and can provide you with exactly the kind of lifestyle you’ve been looking for!

5K Blueprint

Act Now

buy button5k Membership

With stacks of content not to mention a blueprint proven to take each of these products and combine them into a cash generating ATM…

What would you be prepared to pay…

For a system, that has literally made me thousands of dollars every month

for as long

Let me tell you, this information has already proved to be priceless to me…

However I realize all you want is to finally start making money online so here’s the deal I’m going make for you

And I’m not going to go through all usual crap here

You can get everything you’ve seen here today…

tickThe 5K Report

tickThe 5K Blueprint

tickSIX Proven Money-Making Packages

tickThe $200 In 8 Hours Video

tickThe 5K Blueprint Webinar With Brad Gosse


… but if you are still undecided, think about this…

To get access to proven system not to mention a fast action blueprint like this from an online coach would cost you $3,000 (at least!)

You’ll get my exact and proven blueprint for making your first $5,000 monthly income online for just a fraction of that!


Yes Mark

tickI understand that once I start on this journey with you my life may never be the same again changing ONLY for the better

tickI’m absolutely 100% ready to get started making money now

tick I also understand that for the insanely low price of only $4.95 I’m getting everything I need to begin the path to financial freedom forever!

Mark, I understand I need to take action right now in order to claim the insane bonuses you are offering

I also understand this is completely RISK FREE and I’ll be covered 100% by your 60 Day no-questions asked money back guarantee

I’m fully aware the proven methods and systems you are allowing me to copy will give me everything I need to create autopilot profits every month, profits which will change my life.

5K Blueprint

buy button5k Membership

Get Instant Access NOW!

Instant Access, Even If It’s 3:00 am

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.

We sell our products through JVZoo – they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products



The choice is yours…

The life you want is waiting for you … and I’m going to show you how to grab it firmly with both hands.

ACT NOW and start your journey TODAY!

To Your Success,

mark lyford

P.S. Remember, you only have your one life to live!


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